The Book of Ducks (2018 - 2019)

“The Book of Ducks”

(full-length play)

This page is about the play.

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Dramaturgy by Elias Jamieson Brown and Ariella Stoian

One-sentence synopsis: When two housemates discover a duck in their backyard one morning, they realise they’ve adopted more than they expected, and learn to declare what they believe in.


One-paragraph synopsis: Following a housewarming party, two women discover a duck in their backyard – George wants to take it to the park, but Callie won’t let her, so Callie manages to convince George they should adopt it. George is still hesitant about having a duck in the house – especially when she makes so much mess in the bathroom – but after a surprising win at the football, Callie and the duck become best friends. The postman delivers news that the ‘wind will change,’ which puts Callie on tenterhooks. George tries to cheer Callie up, but later that night the duck goes missing.  

Despite their best efforts, they cannot find the duck anywhere in the house; Callie is hit by a deep malaise and spends three days on the couch. Unable to help her, George calls Callie’s sister, who comes over and tells Callie (and George) to go and look for the duck, but they have no idea where to start. George suggests they try the park, where they find the duck under a park bench near the pond.

When they return to the house, they realise they’ve locked themselves out of the house. Callie decides to push the duck through the open kitchen window, but as the duck slides through the window, she changes into Lucy, a twenty-five year old girl. At first this disrupts the harmony of the house, but Callie acts on her feelings for the duck-cum-girl, and the house begins to heal. When Lucy moves in properly, several months later, they have another housewarming party. A thunderstorm breaks overhead, and the three women dance in the rain.

Image: Glenn Saunders

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