The Girl Who Fell to Earth (2021 - )

“The Girl Who Fell to Earth”

(full-length play | in development)

A new play by Glenn Saunders


A romantic comedy about loneliness, Time, and being enough as you are.

One-sentence synopsis: Leo and Art meet at a rooftop bar, and hit it off straight away, but when Leo’s world falls apart, they must put their faith in science if they are to see each other again.

One-paragraph synopsis: Leo and Art meet at a rooftop bar and hit it off straight away, and make plans for a second date. But Leo’s grandfather is ill - all he seems to do is sleep. On their fourth date, Leo and Art end up at Lates at the Museum, goofing around like two teenagers. At Art's flat afterwards, he takes her onto his rooftop – you can see the whole city spread out from up there. As they dance, Leo’s phone rings, and her world collapses. Months later, Leo sneaks into Art's first-year lecture on the nature of Time, only to run out again halfway through. She ends up on a park bench, questioning everything, when her grandfather visits her. The next morning, Leo visits her mum and they talk - about other people, memory, and being haunted. Leo and Art meet unexpectedly after a concert, two planets colliding - the future that once looked so big and unfathomable now looks a little bit less scary, thanks to an apple, a comet, and zero gravity.

Image: Glenn Saunders