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by Elias Jamieson Brown

"'Aleppo' is an eight hour durational play, split in two parts. Set in St Kilda, Brooklyn, 1980's Berlin, and rural Ukraine, 'Aleppo' is an ambitious ensemble work that attempts to explore our proximity to trauma in 2018. 'Aleppo' explores global displacement, US oil interests, proxy wars, and generational trauma. The play shifts between hyper-realism and surrealism and from the past, future, and present in a fragmented narrative that is both a cautionary tale and a chronicle of the post-Trump era."



'Aleppo' was developed at Victorian College of the Arts throughout the 2017 Masters of Writing for Performance program.

Part I of 'Aleppo' currently runs at approximately 3.5 hours duration.

A ninety-minute edited version of Part I was presented in a staged-reading format at VCA in October 2017.

Director, Shaun Wykes

Cast, Grace Cummings, Damian Okulic, Bernard Sam, Hannah Koch, Luke Thomas, Eva Torkkola

Dramaturg, Glenn Saunders

Part II is in development at 2018.

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