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Sometimes I write plays.


They don’t compete with my dramaturgy work, but rather complement it. Writing for theatre is a way to work with dramaturgs and actors and directors in a way that informs and feeds back into my dramaturgy practice, enriches it, and makes it more diverse.


My plays, like most writers’, are a way to help me make sense of the world around me. Sometimes they are exercises in creative autobiography (see You me and the cat), taking five years of experiences and people and relationships, and inventing characters and scenarios from and around them. Sometimes they are more formal, structure-based experiments (see The Book of Ducks and its 2019 production as part of La Mama Explorations), trying to take a form (in this case, a fairytale) and reinvigorate it with my own ideas and characters.

In most cases, they are opportunities for me to say the things I would like to say to people closest to me, but am not able to. So I write them into my plays and have conversations with them when I can’t do it face-to-face.


As a dramaturg, I am happiest working in a room with other creatives, either in rehearsal or in development for a new work. As a writer, I am happiest hearing and seeing the words embodied by actors, hearing them come to life with new rhythms and energies to what I imagined, as well as discussing the work with my collaborators afterwards.


If others who encounter them can love the characters or words as much as I do, if they can speak to others in a way that resonates with them, then they are successful.



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