Sometimes I write plays.

These plays are a way for me to put into practice what I've learnt as a dramaturg, a kind of creative feedback-loop that enriches itself.

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BOOK OF DUCKS production poster
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You me and the cat is creative autobiography, inspired by Nick Earls' novels (Perfect Skin, and Bachelor Kisses in particular).
The Book of Ducks is a modern fairytale, transplanting a Paddington-style story into a Helen Garner-house environment.

TRIPLE FALSEHOOD is an experiment in size and scale, inspired by the American Shakespeare Center's Shakespeare's New Contemporaries program.

The Girl Who Fell to Earth is a romantic-comedy about loneliness, inspired by Carlo Rovelli, pandemics, and being in your thirties.

I am happiest working in rooms with other creatives - in development, rehearsal, performance - working on brand new work. I love seeing these worlds come to life with rhythms and energies different to what I imagined in my head, discussing them, and feeding it all into my writing and creative practice. If these words and characters can speak to others in a way that resonates with them - then they are successful.