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like me

2021 - 2022

(full-length play | in development)

A romantic comedy about Shakespeare pandemics falling in love with your best friend.

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One-sentence synopsis: Rosie and Cee go away for a week in the country, but when an old friend arrives on their doorstep, their friendship is pushed to the very limit.

Blurb: Rosie and Cee try to have a week away in country Victoria, but find the (picnic) rug is very quickly pulled from under them.

A love-letter to togetherness in a time of isolation, like me asks: how do we love in the face of uncertainty; can we settle for second-best if second-best is not an option; what happens when the only person you have eyes for doesn’t quite see you in the same way?

A Shakespearean comedy for the present day, like me is about sheep, finding yourself, and that one special friend whose company you never want to leave.

The companion piece to The Girl Who Fell to Earth.

Image: Glenn Saunders

Read the Writer's Notes


like me was performed live, and recorded as a radio play in June 2022 by Someone New Theatre Company, proudly supported by City of Greater Geelong.

Cast: Anna Faye, Colleen Lawrence, Andy Steuart 

Producer, Ryan O'Connor 

Director, Joanna Lusty

Sound (readings), Jacob Thompson

like me was subsequently recorded for radio by Darren Roth at Pivot City Music, Geelong. 


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