by Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou



A comedy about physics, ice-cream, and feeling alone in the universe.

Carlo Gatti introduced ice cream to Victorian London in ice cream parlours that were filled with pianists and dancers, but this isn’t about him. This is about a physicist in the 1980s, a psychologist in 2017, and a time-travelling piano-playing ghost; about ice cream, quantum gravity, and Elton John.

In their respective apartments, in their respective times, alone a psychologist and a physicist fear for their sanity, because whoever lives above them has been playing Liszt on the piano nonstop, the only problem is they live on the top floor.

One Christmas takes a turn as a betrayal is revealed. When you’re moving across time, can binding a found family across the ages change your future?
This bleak comedy takes a look at the delicate things that barely hold us and the universe together, the deafening pain isolation, and the phenomenal power of ice cream.

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Development poster: Glenn Saunders




Image: Underground Media for Theatreworks & Wildefang Productions

The Marvellous Life of Carlo Gatti will be presented at TheatreWorks Explosions Factory, co-presented with Wildefang Prodcutions from 3-13 August 2022.

Director, Chris Hosking
Community Engagement Manager and Production Dramaturg, Laura Hartnell
Development Dramaturg, Glenn Saunders

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An early draft was presented at Small & Loud #3 in March 2018.

Cast: Emily Joy, Samuel Burton, Sahil Saluja