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after Georg Büchner’s ‘Woyzeck’

adapted and directed by Remy Graham Throssell

Presented as part of the 2018 VCA Masters of Directing for Performance Graduate Season

5 – 7 October, 2018 |Martyn Myer Arena, Grant Street, Southbank

“Have you eaten your peas yet, Woyzeck?”

Woyzeck recovers in the laboratory of Doctor William Beaumont, where he is subjected to a series of disturbing experiments.


With nothing left but his body, Woyzeck becomes the first ever human guinea-pig, the unwitting victim of Beaumont’s desire for medical progress.

As bystanders to this doctor-patient relationship, we become immersed in a world of experimentation, obsession, and hallucination though binaural headphone technology.


Content warning: This show contains scenes of simulated surgery on stage.

Playwright, Georg Büchner
Director, Remy Graham Throssell

Sound Designer, Floyd Graham Throssell

Cast, Joshua Bell, Benjamin Hickey, Essie Randles 

Dramaturg, Glenn Saunders

9Com GastricJuice2VCA.jpg

Image: Glenn Saunders

Based on the real story of Alexis St Martin and William Beaumont, which was happening in Canada at the same time Buchner was writing 'Woyzeck.' The two are unique events - i.e. one did not historically inform the other.

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