Triple Falsehood (2019 - )

“Triple Falsehood”

(full-length play)


A new play about an old play, impossible dreams, and listening to women's silence.

One-sentence synopsis: A woman investigating a lost Shakespeare play gets more than she bargained for when her research leads her into the story itself, making her an active agent in its telling.


One-paragraph synopsis: This is a story told in and out of time.

In 1612, Shakespeare and Fletcher wrote a play based on an episode in 'Don Quixote'. The play has not survived, and has perplexed scholars ever since. Miranda, a PhD candidate, is researching this lost play, and hopes to unravel part of its mystery on a bus trip through the Spanish mountains. The only person she meets is a madman dressed in rags, who tells her a story of woe and misfortune in love, seemingly ripped from the pages of the 'Quixote'. Back home again, Miranda visits a group of actors trying to perform the lost play post-#metoo, but ends up derailing their rehearsals, much to the chagrin of everyone involved. 

Along the way Miranda dreams: of Shakespeare and Fletcher, writing their play 400yrs ago; and of Lewis Theobald, whose 1727 adaptation of the play does survive - what secrets might these long dead writers keep about the lost play and it's whereabouts? Finally, Miranda takes us to the theatre where the actors' production is in progress; events have a habit of coming full circle - "time may yet beget a wonder."

Image: Glenn Saunders

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